Friends of Third provides assistance to the educational environment at Third Street Elementary by funding several important initiatives:

  • Teaching Assistants (one for kindergarten, and two additional for all campus needs): These aides provide supervision for children throughout the school day and administrative support for teachers. In doing so, teachers are able to dedicate more time and attention to educational interactions with students.
  • Teacher Stipends: Friends of Third provides teachers with funds they can use, at their discretion, for supplies and classroom materials to enrich the educational environment and experience for all pupils.
  • Principal's Discretionary Fund: FOT provides money to the school principal to allocate towards needs she identifies that will enrich the education and well-being of the school community, including ongoing professional development for staff and teachers.
  • School Copy Center: Photocopy supplies are not funded by the district, so Friends of Third provides funding for the on-campus copy room and equipment.