What a wonderful first year in our school garden!  We are blooming, planting, digging, growing, harvesting and learning about all things garden at Third Street.  Children participate in a variety of garden plans and activities, hands on, in our beautiful garden space safely.  We have enjoyed together the richness of growing organic vegetable gardens, flowers for attracting butterflies, and gently studied the earthworms in the soil and ladybugs fluttering about with our kid friendly magnifying glass.  Our volunteers have added to the success of our school garden, giving their time and talents to be in the garden with the children and their teachers.  The generously dontated "Teaching Shed" houses all our garden books and supplies while adding to the overall aesthetic of the garden space.  This year in our garden we have organically grown:  kale, carrots, pumpkins, zinnias, mint, rosemary, basil, butternut squash, sunflowers, strawberries, limes, bell peppers, sage, cabbage, tomatoes, apples, beans, lettuce, oregano, parsley, onions, leeks, shiso, potatoes and nasturtiums.  We are very proud of our "green" sustainable vertical succulent garden that the children helped plant outside the chainlink fence of the garden. 

We love our School Garden!  Volunteers are always welcome to join our Garden Committee, please contact: Sarabeth Puusemp; Garden Chair & Mommy at info@thirdstreetPTA.org