Two times per year (in September and March), parent volunteers coordinate a health-and-safety clean-up day on campus. These events bring together parent and student volunteers for four hours on a Saturday to do extra work around campus, cleaning classrooms, public areas, campus gardens and more.

Parent volunteers also work to ensure ongoing upkeep and beautification of exterior gardens (Third Street and 2nd Street), the campus vegetable garden, the library garden, and the Mary Levin entry courtyard.


At the beginning of every school year, parent volunteers distribute bags and directions for families to prepare an emergency food and water kit for their child.  The kits are stored in the classroom in case there is an emergency requiring students to stay at school. Each year, Friends of Third sells individual Disaster Kits for $25, and each kit contains all the required items you need for your child.  The food and water is good for 5 years so you can save money and be prepared.  Order forms are in the office or you can purchase kits directly the first week of school in the mornings in the cafeteria area.  Last year we sold out so please order early if you're interested.

School wide, each classroom is provided with an emergency supply bag and portable toilet.  Parent volunteers regularly monitor the supplies and updates them as needed.  If you are interested in helping with this important job, please contact Heather Kampf or through the PTA mailbox in the office.

TRAFFIC SAFETY – Drop-Off and Pick-Up Lanes

Drop off and pick up procedures keep our children safe.  Parent volunteers put on orange vests and lend a friendly hand to children getting in and out of cars.  Every week a different classroom is responsible for staffing the drop off and pick up lines.  Your room parent will contact you when your class is scheduled to help.  In addition to classroom volunteers, there is one regular volunteer who helps each day of the week.  If you'd like to help out during the "hard to staff "days (first two weeks of school, the day before a holiday or vacation) please let us know at If you'd like to know when your class is scheduled, click the link: Traffic Safety room assignments 2016-17


Parents from each classroom are being asked to volunteer in the effort to maintain traffic control at the front and back entrances of the school during the morning hours between 7:45-8:10am (4 volunteers needed) and 2:20-2:40pm (1 volunteer needed).  Sign up online.


Parents also volunteer to help at other school activities, for example, during the lunch periods.  The School Safety Committee works with our assistant principal to assess school safety and implement changes to keep our children safe.  To join the safety team, contact Helen Lee, school coordinator, in the main office.