We are heading into the LAST TWO WEEKS of our Annual Giving Drive!  So far:

8 out of 30 classes have reached 100% participation

19 out of 30 classes have over 50% participation

Our school wide goal is 100% participation, and we are currently at 68%.  You may be wondering why Friends of Third is asking you to donate funds to the school. Annual Giving funds programs that make our school special — Technology, Science, Drama, Music, Field Trips and more. The suggested donation is $1250 per child but every meaningful donation is appreciated and helps us to meet our goal. 

You can set up a plan that works for your family at or at the Friends of Third table at morning drop-off (now accepting credit cards and checks).  

Let’s work together toward 100% school-wide participation since 100% of our kids benefit from these great programs!  Each class to reach 100% participation earns a cupcake party for the class, a visit from the school panther, and a  gift card for the teacher.

연간 기부금 모금운동의 마지막 두 주를 남기고 있습니다!

지금까지 전교 30개 반 중 8개 반이 100% 참여했고,

19개 반이 50% 이상 참여했습니다.

이번 연간 기부금 모금운동의 목표는 100% 참여이며, 현재는 68 % 참여를 기록하고 있습니다.

연간 기부금은 기술, 과학, 드라마, 음악, 필드트립 등을 지원해 우리 학교를 더욱 특별하게 만듭니다. 권장 기부금액은 어린이 당 $1250 이지만 학부모님들의 성의가 깃든 모든 기부에 감사를 드립니다.

온라인 이나 아침 등교 시Friends of Third 테이블에서 부모님의 재정상황에 적절한 기부 플랜을 설정할 수 있습니다. (신용카드 및 체크 수락)

3가 초등학교 모든 어린이가 이런 좋은 프로그램의 혜택을 받는 만큼 100% 참여를 부탁드립니다!

Thanks to the families who donated this week:

Flaherty Family

Valerio Family

Lanzillotta Family

Di Loreto-Keyes

Peize Xie

Cho Family

Haely Pacheo

The Wolff-Gore Family

James Fellers and Autumn Elliott

The Yoon Family

Ryder Isaacs

Susana Balderas

Hoshartsaga Family

Rozen-Nowak Family

Baska Baargai

Oyunbayar mom

Lee Family

Judie Carroll

Maffre/Ghodsi Family

Annabelle Coba

Yoon Family

The Cortez Perich Family

Tumenkhuu Turgentuul

Burgess Buchanan

Zoe Jeon Family

Mollie Basconcillo

Carriere/Obstler Family


Yuna Lee

Sharon Lee