Annual Giving Update

Last year, thanks to the generosity of Third Street families, our school was able to implement a dedicated Science Lab with a dedicated teacher, greatly expand technology resources in the classroom and provide additional classroom aides! 

Who knows what fabulous new programming will happen when each family makes the choice to support Friends of Third?

You can set up a plan with works for your family at at the Friends of Third table at morning drop-off (now accepting credit cards and checks).

This week, Ms. J Lee’s class in room 1 reached 100% participation.  Way to go!  We now have 7 out of 30 classrooms have reached that goal. Congratulations to Ms. E Kim in room 37 and Ms. Navarette in room 9, who are leading for participation and fundraising respectively. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 7.38.48 PM.png

지난해에 감사하게도 3가 초등학교 가족 여러분들의 기부금으로 사이언스 랩(과학 실험실) 운영과 과학 선생님 고용이 가능했고, 교실 내 최신 시설들도 지원할 수 있었습니다.

올해에도 여러분의 후원으로 어떤 훌륭한 프로그램을 새단장 할 수 있을지 기대가 됩니다.

웹사이트 이나 아침 등교 시 Friends of Third 테이블에서 부모님의 재정 상황에 적절한 기부 플랜을 설정할 수 있습니다. (크레딧 카드와 체크도 받습니다.)

이번주에 룸 1번 Ms. J Lee 선생님 반이 100% 참여를 달성하셨습니다.  잘 진행되어 가고 있습니다!  현재 30개 반 중 7개 반이 100% 참여 목표를 달성하였습니다!

현재 모금 행사에서 선두를 달리고 있는 Ms. E Kim 반의 37 과 Ms. Navarette 반의 9_에게 축하와 감사의 마음을 전합니다.

Thank you to all the families that have already donated:

Han Sung Kim

Vivienne and Benji Park

Matsuyama Family

The Chun Family

The Mousavi Family

Constance and David Daleo

Sophie and Sebastian Green

Kaylee Suh

The Petronzio Family

Leo and Lily Kim Family

Cho Family

Michael Gruber

Family of Alison M Lee

Alexander Family

Pierre’s Family

Haylee Gonzalez

Allison Park

Anarres Baker

Grace Rhim

The Song Family

Tuckfield-Porro Family

Bernal Mendoza Family

The Shaffer Family

The Cameron/DIngle Family

The McCue Family

The Marudo-Perez Family

Soo Young Moon

Ana Parra

Natalia Kim

The Moore and Carr Family

Ethan Hong

The Rainey Family

Don Kim

The Koo Family

Blake Nam

Brayden Yu