Walk-a-Thon Kickoff!

The 2016 Walk-A-Thon kicked off this month week with amazing results.  Thank you to all who registered and/or donated online at thegetmovincrew.com.  

The Walk-A-Thon will take place on Friday, March 11 during recess.  This will be a fun day and a great exercise-oriented event that involves students, teachers, and parents for one great cause:  raising money for the various programs offered at Third Street Elementary.

Are you ready for the SILLY STRING PARTY? For every student who raises $100 for the Walk-A-Thon by Thursday, February 25, will attend the Silly String Party on Friday February 26. 

If you haven't already, register your child(ren) for online donations at thegetmovincrew.com. Neighbors, friends, co-workers and family (even those out-of-state or overseas!) can donation online using your child's unique and private donation page. Donations are tax deductible and help fund the many programs offered at Third Street School.