Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser: 9 Days Left!

The 2016 Walk-A-Thon is coming next week, Friday March 11, during recess periods.  This will be a fun day and a great exercise-oriented event that involves students, teachers, and parents for one great cause:  raising money for the various programs offered at Third Street Elementary.

For those who have already registered: Thank you for registering your student(s) for the 2016 Walkathon. Thanks, as well, to those of you who have shared their web page(s) as a way of getting donations. Sharing your page(s) is quick and easy. It literally takes seconds and is a highly effective in getting donations from near and far. Simply log in at the event site https://secure.eventsonline.us/reg/getmovincrew/ using the details you used to set up your child's page. Once on the page you can share via Facebook or other social media with just a few clicks, or in a few seconds by using email. Here's how easy it is:

  • "I emailed 10 close friends and family and received 5 donations in one day helping my daughter to reach her target. Her donations came from family across the country and friends as far afield as China and New Zealand. I could not believe how quick and easy it was!"  From a 4th Grade parent

Our goal is for all registered students to get at least one donation. We currently have 252 students registered. So, please, consider sharing you child's page. Every little bit helps us towards our goal and to help give our school vital funds.  

If you haven't already, register your child(ren) for online donations at thegetmovincrew.com. Neighbors, friends, co-workers and family (even those out-of-state or overseas!) can donation online using your child's unique and private donation page. Donations are tax deductible and help fund the many programs offered at Third Street School.