Walk-a-Thon Awards Assembly THIS FRIDAY!

Friends of Third would like to THANK all the parents, families, friends and volunteers who helped to make this our most successful Third Street School Walk-A-Thon ever!  We could not have done it without you. We had an awesome time freeze dancing, cup stacking, playing dodge ball, and walking the track!

We raised over $63,000!  Your tax-deductible donations will help pay for the various Third Street School programs such as:  PE, Technology, Music & Drama, Field Trips, Teacher Funds and the Library. 

In the past years, we concluded our Walk-A-Thon with an all school awards ceremony. Because of the rain storm, we decided to postpone the awards ceremony until this Friday, March 18th at 10:20 am to 10:50 am.

We will present awards for:

Top Earner - Taigo T.

Classes with 100% participation

  • Mrs. Navarrette
  • Ms. Genut
  • Mr. Bassett
  • Ms. H. Lee
  • Mr. Ricker
  • Ms. E. Kim

Pledge Superstars - over $1000 raised

  • Brooklyn C.
  • Jacob S.
  • Erin Z.
  • Penelope M.
  • Maxine H.
  • Elliot J.
  • Shine J.
  • Miles N.

Classes with the most $ raised

  • (K/1) - Mrs. Navarrette - Kinder
  • (2nd/3rd) - Mrs. Caruso - 3rd
  • (4th/5th) - Mr. Bassett - 4th

LIVE DRAWING to see who wins and iPad Mini, Steve and Kate Camp, Elite Tae Kwon Do memberships, Dodger tickets:

  • 1 ticket per $50 raised
  • Raffle closed on Friday, 3/11 at Noon

Lip Synch Challenge

  • Watch Ms. Genut and Mr. Bassett compete for the Lip Synch Title