Walk-a-Thon 2015 Ice Bucket Challenge

“Mr. A, Mr. A, Mr.A”—a huge thank you to Mr. A for challenging the Third Street Students to raise $1,000 by Friday, February 20th, and keeping his promise when the students met this challenge.  To meet Coach Angel’s challenge, we need to raise $5,000 by next Friday, February 27th.  Together, we can do it! 


This year there are a handful of teachers and staff members who challenge Third Street School students, to raise $$$$.  If all the students work hard to get in our donations, the top earner will get to pour a bucket of ice water on the following teachers’ head:

  • $5,000   by 2/27 =  Coach Angel
  • $20,000 by 3/6 = Mr. Jones & Mrs. Cha
  • $40,000 by 3/13 = Mystery Teacher & Parent
  • $50,000 by Anytime = Mrs. Navarrette
  • $80,000 by 3/20 =  Dr. Oh

새로운 Walk-A-Thon 아이스버킷 첼린지

이번해에는 새롭게 선생님및 교직원 몇분께서 학생들의 참여를 북돋는 의미에서  3가 초등학교 학생전체를 첼린지 하신다고 합니다.   정해진 목표액을 달성하면 가장 큰 기여를 한 학생이 다음 호명된 선생님께 아이스버킷을 부을수 있습니다!

목표액 날짜선생님/스텝
$1,0002/20/15 Mr. A
$5,0002/27/15 Coach Angel
$20,000 3/6/15Mr. Jones &Mrs. Cha
$40,000 3/13/15 미정
$50,000 언제든지Mrs. Navarrette
$80,000 3/20/15 Dr. Oh