FALL DEADLINE: Box Tops & Labels for Education

The Fall 2014 deadline for submitting Box Tops and Labels for Education is Friday October 24th. If you have any Box Tops or Labels for Education saved up (or on boxes in your cupboard!), please clip them and bring them in to the library this week. Money raised from this program benefits library subscriptions and materials at our school. To see a list of eligible products, visit: /retail-rewards

Box Tops(박스탑) / Labels for Education(교육을위한라벨): 마감날짜

2014년 Box Top(박스탑)과 Labels for Education(교육을 위한 라벨) 제출 마감이 오는 10/24일 금요일 까지입니다.  혹시 댁에 모아놓은 것들이  있으면 마감일까지도서실로 제출하시면 합니다.  여기서 모인돈은 학교와도서실에서 필요한 물품 구매를 위해 쓰여집니다.  박스탑이나 라벨이 부착되어있는 물품목록을 아시고 싶으시면 다음 웹싸이트를 참조하시기 바랍니다.  /retail-rewards