PTA Membership Contest

Ready... Set... Membership! This year's PTA Membership drive is off to a great start! Are you in the race? If not, there's still plenty of time to join! Our membership drive ends on Friday, September 19th at 2:30pm. All you have to do is select your membership type INDIVIDUAL ($10) or FAMILY/BUSINESS ($25) and leave your payment in a membership envelope in the PTA box located in the main office! Short on time?? Visit our website at and become a member; credit cards accepted! Every membership gets sprinkles added to their classrooms cupcake and the class who earns the most sprinkles wins a cupcake party! Now that's the taste of sweet success!

PTA 멤버쉽 컨테스트

멤버쉽에 가입하세요!  이번해 PTA 멤버쉽 가입이 순조로운 시작을 알렸습니다.  준비되셨나요?  아직 시간이 많이 남았습니다.  멤버쉽 가입 기간은 9월 19 일 오후 2:30 까지입니다.  멤버쉽 가입은 개개인당 $10 또는 가족당 $25입니다.  멤버쉽 가입비는 봉투에 넣어 오피스내 PTA 박스에넣어주시기 바랍니다.  혹시 시간이 없으시다면 저희 웹싸이트인 를방문하시면 멤버쉽 가입과 크레딧카드 결제가 가능합니다.  멤버쉽당 각반 컵케익에 스프링클 한개가 주어지며 가장 많이 스프링클을 획득한 반은 컨테스트 마감후, 컵케익 파티를 열어줄 계획입니다.  아주 달콤한 성공의 맛이지 않을까요?