Important Dates!


As we head into Spring Break, there will be a 1235pm Minimum Day dismissal on Friday April 11th. Classes will resume after Spring Break on Monday April 21st. Before Spring Break, please take a look at the Lost and Found cabinet and table (in the cafeteria area) -- it is filling up more and more each day! Please be advised that any Lost and Found items not claimed by Spring Break will be donated to charity.

Also, mark your calendars! LAUSD has approved the school calendar for 2014-2015Click here to see the calendar so you can begin planning your family’s schedules.

달력에 노트하세요!   봄방학이 머지 않았습니다.  4/11일 금요일은 미니멈데이로 오후 12:35에 학교가 파합니다.  일주일의 봄방학을 마치고 개학은  4/21일에 합니다.

분실물 보관함:  학교 카페테리아 오디토리움 입구쪽에 학교 분실물 보관함이 있습니다.  매일 매일 물건이 쌓여가니 혹시 분실한 물건이 있으시면 오셔서 찾아가시기 바랍니다.  봄방학이 시작하기 전에 안찾아가신 물건은 필요한곳으로 기부되어집니다

엘에이 교육구에서 2014-2015년학기 학교운영스케쥴을 허가했습니다. 여기를 클릭하시면 그 내용을 보실수 있으며 그 스케쥴에 따라 필요하신 계획을 세우시길 바랍니다.