Kindergarten Orientation and Tour

Kinder Yard

The final information session and tour for prospective 2014-2015 kindergarten parents will take place Thursday, March 20th. The orientation meeting will take place at 9am in the Library, followed immediately by a parent-led campus tour. If you have friends or neighbors who are considering Third Street School for their incoming kindergartners, please let them know to attend! (Visitors must sign in at the main office before the meeting, so please advise them to arrive 10-15 minutes early so the meeting can begin on time).

If you have an incoming kindergartner this August, please send an email to parent volunteer Patricia Alexander ( so you can be included on communications emails for incoming kindergartners -- including summer "playdates" for the kids to start meeting each other.

미래 유치원생 학부모 오리엔테이션 및 견학

2014-15년도 유치원생 학부모 오리엔테이션 마지막 세션이 오는 3/20일 목요일 오전 9시에 도서관에서 있을 예정이며 바로 이어서 학교 견학이 있을것입니다. 주위에 3가 초등학교에 대해 알고 싶어하시는분이 있다면 서슴치마시고 초대하여 같이 오시기를 바랍니다.  참여하시는 모든분들께서는 오피스내 방명록에 싸인을 하신후 미팅에 참가하셔야합니다.  그러므로 미팅시간보다 10-15분 일찍 오시기를 권유합니다.이번해 가을에 입학할 유치원생 자녀가 있으시면  Patricia Alexander께 다음 이메일주소로   연락주시면 미래 유치원생 우편물 수신자 명단에 올려드리겠습니다.  여름동안 “플레이데잇” 시간을 마련해 미리 친해질수 있는 프로그램에 대해서도 알려드립니다.