Third Street Library boasts a collection of over 14,000 books!  This gives our students a great variety of literature to choose from as they visit the library each week.  We are continually striving towards our goal of 20 books per student and we are getting quite close.  Through the generosity of the PTA, Friends of Third and private donations, our collection continues to grow. We truly appreciate all contributions and the acknowledgement that children NEED good books (and good libraries) to support their learning and enrich their lives. Friends of Third has shown a deep commitment to our children's love of literacy by funding library and literacy programs during this time when many school libraries are experiencing layoffs and library closings.  Friends of Third provides a full-time library aide during the school day, as well an after-school library supervisor (to assist students with homework and research). This keeps the heart of our school  open and bustling with activity from 8:00am until 5:30pm each day!

All students visit the library weekly with their classes and teachers.  Library skills are introduced and reinforced, story time is shared, and Grades 1-5 are encouraged to check out books.  Kindergarten students do not check out books during class visits, but are welcomed and allowed to do so when they come to the library accompanied by a parent or other adult.


Our library team works together to provide stimulating lessons and encourage participation in programs that foster a love of reading.  Recent library programs include the I LOVE READING and READ AROUND THE WORLD book challenges, QUOTE OF THE WEEK and STUDENT LIBRARIANS programs.

We encourage you to visit the library with your child. There are also many opportunities to volunteer as we work to keep our library vital and strong.  We truly believe, “A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessities of life!”