Friends of Third enlists the help of a Kindergarten Support Team to help meet educational and socialization goals for incoming kindergartners.  This is done primarily through the following:

Pre-Matriculation Communications:  Prior to the start of the kindergarten year, parents who have joined our mailing list (through a school tour/orientation, or by other point of contact) will receive ongoing emails with useful information to prepare for kindergarten. This includes details about enrollment procedures, volunteer opportunities, get-togethers and how to prepare for the first day of school.  If you aren't already on our list, please email Erica Dionno with your name, your child's name and anticipated year for starting kindergarten.

Summer Playdates:  In the months prior to the start of the school year, the Kindergarten Support Team will coordinate 2-3 playdates for incoming kindergartners and their parents. This is a great opportunity for the children to start meeting some of their future classmates, and for parents to get to know one another.  Announcements about dates and locations will be sent by email to those on the Kindergarten Support communications list.

Kindergarten Support Fund:   Because Third Street School receives no Federal Title One funding, we fund a much-needed Educational Aide to the Kindergarten teachers through optional parent donations.   The Kindergarten Support Team helps raise funds for the Kindergarten Aide position,  a full-time employee at Third Street Elementary, paid for entirely by kindergarten families.  The aide assists teachers in each of the classrooms, and assists students during recess and lunch periods.  The presence of this full-time aide allows teachers to have more time to focus on educational goals, and provides an added level of safety and security for children throughout the school day. In addition, the Kindergarten Support Fund provides a 12-week art enrichment program, especially for kindergartners and taught by an artisan specializing in developmentally-appropriate instruction.

Click here to learn how to donate to the Kindergarten Support Fund.   Please note that this fund is separate from the Annual Giving campaign, and that all children benefit from the Kindergarten aide and arts enrichment regardless of their family’s ability to donate.