In Fall 2008, a group of parents formed the "Green Team" to help Third Street "reduce, reuse, recycle and educate" - and in doing so help preserve the environment of our community and planet. The "Green Team" grew in phases:

Green Team Collection
  • First, we began collection cans and bottles at our "Green Tuesday" drives. A nonprofit group that provides at-risk young adults with job skills, education and work experience not only picks up our recyclables, but even pays us for them!
  • Next, we focused on collecting ink and laser jet printer cartridges. For each cartridge we collect, two quarts of oil are kept out of the landfills, and many cartridges even earn money for our school!
  • Our next step was to tackle paper waste. We placed bins in every classroom, and each Tuesday morning they are emptied into a huge recycling bin in the parking lot. Bigger kids pair up with the younger ones in this effort, and their good citizenship helps them learn how they are saving trees by recycling their paper!
  • Now, we also collect optical media, such as DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays and videogame cartridges (in original packaging), as well as cell phones. All items are sent for responsible resale/recycling, and result in extra funds for our school!
Green Team Logo


There is still lots to be done but we have been having a great time with what we've accomplished so far!

How little or how much we can accomplish is up to all of us - so join the "Green Team" and let's (in the words of Dr. Oh) become a campus that is"Clean, Green and Serene"!

For more information, to submit suggestions, or to volunteer, please contact the PTA at