School gardens have become a national movement and are flourishing across California.  School gardens continue to grow in popularity as an educational tool.  In 1995 a statewide initiative called “A Garden in Every School” was formed by the California Department of Education, “giving children an opportunity to grow an edible garden to learn where their foods come from and to learn the importance of good nutrition.”  A school garden functions as an extension of the classroom to engage students, administrators, parents and volunteers through their participation in garden projects.  A school garden can improve academic outcomes, applying concepts learned in multiple academic areas.  Garden based learning encourages a child to discover, observe, and to wonder about the natural world-- gaining an understanding of these ecosystems, while learning practical skills.  The experience of seeing a seed, soil, water and sun work together to transform into a tiny plant will have a lasting impact on our children.

Third Street Garden is a plan for success.  We are proposing a curriculum-based school garden where we will weave the National and Statewide standards, providing a natural environment for cross-disciplinary connections in:  Science, Art, Literacy skills, Social Studies, and Language Arts.  The garden is an invitation to all children.  Special Needs students as well as Gifted and Talented groups can be engaged in the garden.  Students will have an opportunity to dig in our rich garden beds and eat what they grow, an excellent tool for experiential learning and nutritional education.  It is a living laboratory and students are able to become active participants in the learning process.  We are dedicated to growing healthier and smarter kids. Third Street Garden is a healthy and positive environment for teachers, students, and all of you to explore.

We look forward to future funding, grants, and donations supporting our growing garden.  Here, we enhance and empower student learning. To volunteer in the school garden, contact Sarabeth Puusemp, Garden Chair or

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