"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!"

Last week, the classes of Mr. Bassett, Mrs. Choi, Mrs. Skaggs and Mr. Yauchi performed the annual 4th Grade musical production, under the direction of Mr. Pratt. This year's show was "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." Congratulations to all the students for their hard work on the show!

Special thanks to all those who helped out with the productions: Rita Black, Donna Ekholdt, Ryan Ganimian, Heidi Stanton, Marisol Solis, HJ Paik, Anna Song, Christina Nickerson, Alysoun Higgins, Zissy Rozen (who made Snoopy's doghouse and Lucy's office!), and Friends of Third Street School.

Many others helped out, so thanks to everyone who helped in ways big and small to make this show a proud moment for the students of the 4th grade classes!