COIN DRIVE - Ends Tomorrow (Monday 1/25)

The annual Coin Drive ends tomorrow, Monday January 25th. As of Friday 1/22, the classes in the lead are:

•   5th place: Room 23 - S Kim
•   4th place: Room 02 - Ricker
•   3rd place: Room 17 - Caruso
•   2nd place: Room 06 - Karchmer
•   1st place: Room 19 - Bassett

There is only $2 separating 3rd and 4th place, and other classes aren't far behind. So bring those coins (or cash!) in before Monday at 8:15am to support Friends of Third programs at our school – and to win a classroom party for the top 3 classes (1st place prize will be a pizza and make-your-own-sundae party! The 2nd and 3rd place winning classrooms will get a pizza party!).

The final collection and counting will take place Monday morning, 1/25/16. We need a parent from each classroom to collect and count coin jars Monday morning. If you have 30 minutes to help, please collect your class's jar and come to the teachers' lounge (behind the cafeteria/auditorium) to count!

코인드라이브 - 1/25일 마감!

연례 코인드라이브가 이번 월요일날 마감됩니다.  1월22일 현재, 반순위는 다음과 같습니다.

•   5등:  Room 23 - S Kim
•   4등:  Room 02 - Ricker
•   3등:  Room 17 - Caruso
•   2등:  Room 06 - Karchmer
•   1등:  Room 19 - Bassett

3등과 4등은 아주 근소한 $2 차이밖에 나질 않습니다.  FOT가 후원하는 프로그램이 지속될수있게  오는 월요일 오전 8:15까지 집에있는 동전 또는 현금을 가져오셔서 학교를 후원해주시기 바랍니다.  가장 많이 모으는 3반에게 파티를 열어줍니다! 
1등 : 아이스크림과 피자파티
2등 : 피자파티
3등 : 피자파티