Annual Giving Tile Wall

The final opportunity to paint your family tile for the 2013-14 Annual Giving Tile Wall will take place on Saturday May 17th during the 90th Anniversary Celebration. Color Me Mine will have a booth set up from 11am until 330pm. Your family is eligible to paint one tile for each $750 contributed to Annual Giving; if you haven't given yet and would like to, please do so online at

 OR leave a check (payable to Friends of Third) in the FOT box in the school office.

연례 기부금 타일 페인팅 행사

2013-14 년도 타일 페인팅 마지막 기회가 오는 5월 17일 개교90주년 기념행사날 있습니다.  Color Me Mine 부스로11:00-3:30까지 오시면 됩니다.  $750를 기부하실 때마다 타일 한장이 주어지고 페인트하실 수 있으며 그 타일은 학교안 벽에 연말에 붙혀집니다.  아직까지 기부를 못하신 분이 계시다면 오피스내 FOT 메일함에 Friends of Third 앞으로체크를 써서 넣어주시고 아니면 온라인

 으로 하실수도 있습니다.  많은 참여 부탁드립니다.