Friends of Third Board 2017-2018

Executive Committee

Claudia Rips – Co-President; Technology, Field Trips
Mandy Tankenson – Co-President; Annual Giving
Joy Blaser – Co-Treasurer
Tiffany Yu – Co-Treasurer
Blair Lawson – Secretary
Heather Kampf – Officer; Middle School Seminar
Anna Song – Officer; Annual Giving
Patricia Alexander – Officer; Library Committee

Board of Directors

Theresa Cho - Director; Family Bowling
Namjoo Kim - Director; Family Bowling
Emmy Kirkley – PTA President
Christy Lemire – Director; Family Dining Nights and Movie Nights
Andrew Lo — Director; Middle School Seminar
Jennie Morris – Director; Annual Giving
Michelle Park - Director; Family Bowling
PJ Perez – Director; Annual Giving, Coin Drive
Sarabeth Puusemp – Director; Walk-A-Thon
Andrew Simon – Director; Charity Buzz, Campus Beautification Grants
Alexandra Weinburger - Director; Party Books

Non-Board Committee Heads

Campus Clean-up: Esther Cho Lee
Canned Food & Holiday Toy Drive: Tracey Presepe
Coin Drive: Allison and John Zerden
Kindergarten Support: Laura Million, Esther Cho Lee, Caroline Tracy
Middle School Information Meeting: Evan Corday and Yanna Stoyanoff
Online Auction: Nicky Coscas, Lyndi Mallory
Retail Rewards: Teddy Manolova
Room Parents: Alejandra Gold
Tech Support and Website: Les D’Souza, Brett Holleman
Traffic: Elaine Burke
Walk-A-Thon:  Amy and Chad Wooten
Yearbook: Kristy Hulsander